Boyslashfriend is a Love King, On the Low

Photo by Maria Van Nguyen

We waited patiently for our friend to corral us backstage after Major Lazer’s blowout performance at the annual Rototom Festival in Spain. Diplo roamed from tent-to-tent, hearing his name echoed by Walshy Fire and Jillionaire in the way his European fans cry for him: “Diiiiplooo” (the “i” is exaggerated as an “e” to show the deepest of affection). Everyone is laughing because I heard front row fans actually beckon Diplo in the same way. We weren’t there for the laughs though; my lady and I had plans to discuss Boyslashfriend, a new artist signed to Jillionaire’s new Feel Up Records label.

Earlier this year, my homie Boyslashfriend, né Shan Poo, inked a deal with Jillionaire to distribute his album, Low Key. Tiffany Mea, owner and founder of With Love PR has been locking in press coverage for him for his campaign of loosies on Soundcloud, along with his remix EP Leather Weather Worldwide: The Remixes. Jillionaire believes in Boyslashfriend’s project, and digs his melodic pop sound, and how he represents the diversity of New York’s undergound music scene that draws from Southern trap music, Miami bass, UK garage/2-step, and Chicago house. Jillionaire envisioned New York’s Fashion Week was going to be to be where Boyslashfriend introduces his new material. That night eventually came this past September when Boyslashfriend and his crew The New Deal (Jason Scott Henderson & MNTN) previewed Low Key for the city’s press and tastemakers (shoutout: Yimmy Yayo, Obey City, Mess Kid, Eric Poon).

This week, Boyslashfriend premiered “Textures,” the first visual from Low Key, on He and Mess Kid, the track’s producer are separated by the ladies in their respective lives because of their commitment to their art. It’s an abstract tale, that puts emotion and body language to convey their fair-weather connection with their loves: music, and ladies. It’s real. It’s deep. And this is just the beginning for Boyslashfriend. Watch the video below and check out Boyslashfriend performing at the Feel Up Records CMJ Showcase at Louie and Chan on October 14th, then at SOB’s on October 22nd.

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