Timeless Truth’s Dominican Diner is All You Can Eat


The spotlight shining on New York was brighter than usual this past Tuesday. Timeless Truth, the rap duo from Queens released their latest EP, Dominican Diner, on a day when the the Knicks announced their new head coach, Derek Fisher; their beloved Mets snapped a 6-game losing streak against the Milwaukee Brewers; the Rangers prepared to rally for a do or die win the following night in the Stanley Cup Finals. For brothers Solace and OPrime39, they were the voice of the city’s collective energy focused on the tradition of victory.

Timeless just celebrated their third album—Dominican Diner, an EP—their best work to date. The songs have a lush musicality that gives space to digest Prime and Solace’s crafty metaphors for their Ralph Lauren-inspired lifestyle and Dominican heritage. Thanks to their producer FAFU, Timeless’ new material is on another plateau because of some of the beat construction. The buttery xylophone melody on “Creme De La Creme” and the brooding piano chord on “Power Pieces” play on both MC’s strengths: Solace is calm yet assertive and dangerous like Christopher Walken as Frank White, and OPrime39 has Al Pacino’s chainsaw voice that’ll make you give up the goods like Mobb Deep in ’96.

I watched Timeless Truth perform tracks from Dominican Diner on Tuesday at Apt. 78 in Washington Heights. I was excited to go support Timeless, also because I don’t get uptown as much as I used to—back when eating mangu, and drinking endless Presidentes was routine for me with an old flame. But so much Spanish music, food, and language are in my DNA that the shots of complimentary Brugal Añejo, courtesy of Timeless Truth, were throwbacks to my past. I missed out on playing capicu (dominoes) when I arrived about two hours after the party started. The custom capicu board with the cover art to Brugal & Presidentes emblazoned on it was begging for another round of the blanco rectangular pieces shuffled across its radiant surface. I simply let the flash on my IPhone soak in its glory. Timeless Truth provided the experience of their Dominican and Lo-Life roots that has been nurtured by rappers they would consider forefathers of their music and even fashion sense: Rakim, Nas, and The Beatnuts. I’m always honored to be welcomed to these family functions where I witness the evolution of Solace and OPrime39 Grab all their albums now on iTunes. And peep the graphics below.


One thought on “Timeless Truth’s Dominican Diner is All You Can Eat”

  1. This article is too complex for gannie, but Cassius probably will translate for me! Keep writing!!love for you always,pamela

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