#TheVS When Mary Met Mariah


Back when I interviewed Raekwon for Suite903.com, he named Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey as part of his “vintage selection” of R&B singers. These ladies are two of a kind, whose voices have rippled in music history. For instance, they’ve both worked individually with the Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, and Wu-Tang Clan but have been name-checked by the latter on separate occasions because of their iconic presence on the microphone. Check the rhyme from Biggie, “Mariah Carey’s kinda scary, wait a minute what about my honey Mary?” or Inspectah Deck’s “rap styles vary, and carry like Mariah.” Each chanteuse has inspired a handful of quotables that are as timeless as their own legacy. With that in mind, I put together a mixtape as a prelude to the next installment in #TheVS party series. The “When Mary Met Mariah” mixtape features hit songs from MJB and MC, plus some b-sides that really shows the depth of their take on the ebb and flow of relationships. Listen via Mixcloud below, and watch the video flyers I made for Thursday’s event after the jump.

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