Danny Brown as Richard Pryor

danny brown richard pryor danny brown gieaux graphics dj treats

Two of my favorite people, Richard Pryor and Danny Brown, converged in a work of art. They both are the greatest performers of their respective generations. In another lifetime, I would have been in the audience hysterically laughing at Pryor’s antics. And I’m lucky I’ve had the chance to actually see a Danny Brown show, and shake that man’s hand.

richard pryor wanted live in concert

One of the first comedy albums I owned was Richard Pryor’s Craps (After Hours), and I used to drop his skits on a bunch of mixtapes back when I was recording stuff on cassette tape. Then when I came across Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s poignant comment about Danny Brown being the Richard Pryor of hip-hop in a recent interview, I pictured Danny Brown’s face on all of Pryor’s old albums. It’s really incredible because I think it’s quite possible that someone can and will photoshop Danny Brown’s face onto all of those classics. A simple Google search resulted in an amazing Danny Brown illustration by Gieaux Graphics. I had to put the two together, at least to start a meme that true fans can connect with. By no means do I own any of the work seen here. I’m just a fan with a slight knack for Photoshop, working off of impulse, eating a Momofuku corn cookie and drinking Earl Grey tea. Listen to Danny Brown’s interview with Microphone Check below.

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