Rise to the Moment at Terminal 23

Terminal 23 NYC Jordan Brand Carmelo AnthonyMaybach matches the M10.

Carmelo Anthony’s launch party for his 10th sneaker with Jordan Brand was the first party I attended in 2014. For many years I’ve toasted to the achievements of my New York Knicks, but this past Saturday night it was all about Melo. I watched the star of the Knicks play his heart out on the floor in losses against the Indiana Pacers, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the New Orleans Bobcats that left me disheartened. I wondered—as I watched the mob standing outside of Terminal 23 (also known as Café Rouge)—if Melo’s hope for a title in New York has faded. With that thought swept to the back of my mind, the plan was to celebrate this great athlete.

Carmelo Anthony M10 Year of the HorseMelo’s Year of the Horse M10 (right) is as festive as the rose-colored hue on the shoe’s upper. Mike Phillips (left) kicked off his Powder Blue M10 to wave one in the air.

J.R. Smith Carmelo Anthony Terminal 23 PartyDenver Knicks

Melo channeled his familial roots that night. He threw an event just a stones throw away from his home team’s arena, Madison Square Garden. Melo was the MC for the night, who led a go-go style eight-piece band with saxophonist Mike Phillips. The booming percussion and Melo’s freestyle was a throwback to Baltimore’s go-go scene. The ballroom of the former Café Rouge—now a basketball court—was restored to its former self as the lively place jazz greats performed circa 1920-1950. When I caught a glimpse of J.R. Smith lighting up cigars with Melo, it put into perspective their past and present—playing together on the Denver Nuggets to being teammates on the Knicks.

Yet the future is uncertain for Melo. Will he stay in New York for another season? This question is always the elephant in the room, but I refused to think about it as I drank in the intoxicating spirits of the evening. The only thing to rise to the moment would be my glass.

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