Bonobos Ninja in Training

Bonobos Holiday Gift Card Shopping

What up my ninjas?! This is a rare fashion post that should come as a surprise. It’s a shameless use of some copy that may have gone unnoticed when I applied for a job at Bonobos, the clothing company specializing in a range of menswear from casual shirts, to suits. Bonobos is the complete opposite of the dry, listless experience of shopping with your parents at SYMS; it’s fun!

By now you probably dress yourself and are comfortable enough to admire the texture of your friend’s chambray without feeling like you violated his personal space. That comfort and ease of falling into fashion—out of sheer interest—and not just necessity is what the startup (2007) apparel company has to offer to shoppers like myself. When I applied recently for a copywriter job, they asked me to describe three items with some snappy words. My affection for the J. Peterman catalog, which describes its products with anecdotes that read like an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, inspired me to talk about Bonobos apparel in a similar way. Read more for my thought process after the jump.

Bonobos Knit Sweater Fleetwood
Fleetwood – Red Stripe
Last week it was something like 68° outside. Weather on a fall day like that, everything seems highly unnatural. No need for the button on the Fleetwoodd shawl with the sun on the back of your neck. A brisk wind is your friend, not your enemy. Next week it’s 36°; layer up underneath the 80% cotton, 20% polyester fleece, and just wear a hat. No biggie.

Bonobos T-shirt Golf Par Tee
The Par Tee – Grey
We’re too inexperienced to play 18 holes of golf. The driving range is a better place for us noobs, and our ironic references to taking a swing at the greenery. Smoke if ya got ’em. 100% soft Peruvian cotton.

Bonobos socks skull & bones
Skull & Bones – Black
Blue and orange, the signature colors of the Dutch flag, planted in New York by the Dutch colonists. The New York Knicks, my favorite basketball team wears these colors. Regardless of whom or when they play, my allegiance to the team is reflected not only by my passion, but by the colors that I wear. I feel complete whether I have on a Knicks jersey, a fitted cap, or socks with a couple of stripes of orange to boot. A uniform is what you make it. Through consistency, no one can break it. Tradition.

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