My New York Knicks Souvenirs from 2012-13

Knicks adidas scarfIt’s a wrap.

My recent post for The Knicks Wall was inspired by my frequent reading of the J. Peterman catalog. I romanticized my Carmelo Anthony jersey, Knicks scarf by adidas and the custom Nike hoody previously owned by Spike Lee. Read the excerpt below:

“My boo and I made a weekend out of going to Atlantic City to see Diplo, then capped it off with Knicks playing their last game of the regular season against the Brooklyn Nets. It was my plan that afternoon to wear the Carmelo Anthony jersey I got for Christmas to the game, but I forgot it at home. Nor did I have the Spike hoody with me either. I felt naked without proper Knick regalia to cheer them on. During half-time I hit the gift shop for something I could use to show my team pride as I was flanked by Nets fans in my section. So I bought a scarf. Cold weather lasted long until at least early April, making it practical to wear during the feeling of a winter blast. It resembled those high quality scarves soccer fans wear or wave in allegiance like a flag. Adidas makes this one. It reminds me a lot of the David Beckham Real Madrid scarf that I bought hours before Real Madrid C.F. won La Liga against Barcelona in 2007. I did not get to bask in a Knick victory the way I did for Madrid. Witnessing a loss at The Garden has become a weird tradition for me. I don’t actually remember ever seeing the Knicks win when I was in attendance. I’ve been privileged to be able to afford a ticket or go with someone as their guest. Personally, I’d rather watch at home just to rule out my superstition.”

Click here to read the full article.

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