Brands Inspired by Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger Supreme Complex

Any logo in the form of a red box logo with text printed in Futura Heavy Oblique has caught my eye over the past year. New York is full of them in the most obvious to the most obscure places. Yesterday I compiled 25 of these logos for a Complex list of brands inspired by Barbara Kruger. It was tough to narrow it down to just 25. For all I know, there’s still lots of others that haven’t been documented. When you have a typeface that is so easily accessible, there’s no doubt that more people will use it as a resource to be synonymous with Supreme, the most world famous brand to adopt Kruger’s style. Without further adieu, here’s a few more brands that were left on the cutting floor from the list.

pif box logo


The Daily Street
The Daily Street Sticker Supreme

supleme supreme barbara kruger

PUCK, Scavenger Brandon
durkl puck scavenger brandon sticker

impulse magazine sticker

Bpreme (Buttless Supreme)

Stuck Up Piece of Crap
stuck up piece of crap

bomit supreme sticker

sex goat sticker

That’s What’s Up.
that's what's up sticker

Fuck Bush (Supreme)

yasupreme supreme sticker

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