The Reality Rap of DProsper’s Children of ATOM

dprosper atom 12-12-12 album cover art

DProsper’s vision for music is layered. The symbolism of his album’s cover art subliminally addresses the truth about America’s view of Muslims and violence. His new video for “Children of ATOM” pushes the envelope further. Seeing the young black kid with a gun in his waistband adds onto another reality of firearms in the hands of our babies, ironically conjuring up the memory of Kimani Gray (RIP).

I’ve known Prosper since we worked together doing a party downtown at NOVO circa ’07-’08. He’s a veteran of the music industry; respect is due to his résumé. He produced for Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, and G-Unit. As a matter of fact, the folks shouted out at the end of his new video “Children of ATOM” are a guest list of people who have benefited from his guidance and opinion. He’s been rapping long before he A&R’d and produced for your favorite rapper, and the contributions he’s made to many artist’s careers speaks to how influential he has been on their sound. For his own work, he brings knowledge and a message back to the music. Prosper spoke with VICE recently to talk about the vision behind his video.

“My family is Muslim and many people who I build with have come from that. Right now, terrorist must be the new word for nigga. In American, they want you to be scared of something. It’s always fear. It’s all about, like, buying things. Like, let me buy a gun because I’m scared. Or let me get ADT for my home because I’m scared. Fear is a way to market and manipulate minds.”

Read the full interview and watch the video here.

Click for a free download of DProsper’s album #ATOM 12.12.12.

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