Patrick Ewing’s Heritage Revisited

ewing athletics georgetown jamaica 33 hi#33

No disrespect to Jeremy Scott but I hope there’s never a case where someone wrongly hears the question, “Are those wings on your feet,” especially if that person is wearing a pair of Ewing 33 Hi. They clearly don’t look alike, but when you’re wearing swag that’s on a hundred-thousand-trillion, “wing” and “Ewing” could sound confusing.

One thing you can’t compare with any brand is the heritage of Ewing Athletics. It’s one of the very few successful sneaker brands founded by a player (New York Knick legend). You have your major sneaker companies, but to have a brand started by an All-Star like Patrick Ewing was unheard of in 1989, especially when major shoe endorsements with Nike and Michael Jordan were dominating the market. This Saturday Ewing Athletics will plant another flag with a major release of the Ewing 33 Hi: the Georgetown and Jamaica editions. I’m especially proud of the Jamaica version because Ewing was my hometown hero, who played for the Knicks when I first became a fan in ’92. He’s a native Jamaican, so my family were in his corner supporting their fellow countryman.

Salute the comeback of Ewing Athletics. The timing couldn’t be better. For more sneaker coverage, hit up The Knicks Wall.

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