Styling On You: Sal Miel Jewelry

sal miel yvette cortez design fair houston texas

When a woman’s attire is all about the details, their jewelry is the center of attention. Sal Miel, a brand owned, founded, and designed by Yvette Cortez has the ability to catapult your attention into its wearer. The models are specifically styled—clad in all black—making the only memorable hue what’s wrapped around their fingers and neck. Each piece is an original sculpture of art. The Erizon ring made of blackened brass is intricate in design as if it were a chiseled piece of Mesoamerican architecture. Yet the more gaudy bauble, the Picante is made of brass, but will put the kick in your ass if met with a right cross or left when met with its triangular points. She simply referred to them as double trouble on her Facebook page.

Cortez makes a variety of styles that mix an air of danger, illusion, class, beauty, and originality that are a reflection of her designs rich in complexity. When I met Cortez working at the Atlantic Avenue outpost of Barney’s Co-Op, she assisted me in picking out just the right denim. Having so many brands and cuts to choose from, she had the right eye for the fit and price I was looking for. Plus, she kept an eye on my dog Gizmo as he sniffed out every corner of the store as if he was an honorary member of security. Since Yvette Cortez made the move back to Texas to launch Sal Miel last year, she’s presented bold emotive looks on her website. Her next big move takes place at Houston’s Lawndale Art Center for the 2013 Design Fair. Add something nice to your rotation, whether you need it or not. Sal Miel does it just right for anyone, for any occasion.

Sal Miel Jewelry

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