Throwback Thursday: Johnny Osbourne on LargeUp

Johnny Osbourne aviva klein photography largeupPhoto by Aviva Klein

LargeUp‘s Jesse Serwer and DJ Gravy did a bang up job with their Q&A with dancehall legend Johnny Osbourne. He spoke on the origin of dubplates, his now-or-never moment leaving Jamaica, and addressed the debate about being the first dancehall artist. Read an excerpt from the interview below.

“I don’t want to say I am the original but one of the originals of the dancehall artists. Maybe [there are] other dancehall godfather[s] but mi di original dancehall godfather because when mi say dancehall… in my young days there wasn’t TV around really, we have mostly sound system, if you ah watch a movie you go ah cinema. The dancehall is a ting where a whole heap of tings aren’t going on, dem just play the music.”

Visit for the full interview here.

Fun Fact: Diplo fans might remember that he selected “Water Pumping,” another Osbourne classic for his Greensleeves Riddimentary album. The compilation that dropped in 2011 was a sign of things to come, like 2013’s re-purposing of Johnny Osbourne’s “Mr. Marshall” for Major Lazer’s “Jah No Partial.”

Sidenote: While we’re discussing Johnny Osbourne on this Throwback Thursday, let’s revisit his appearance in the video for 77Klash‘s “Mad Again (WHOA).”

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