Tapped Out Tuesday: Tom O’Flanagan

The Simpsons Tom O'Flanagan character

As far as uses for my iPhone go, I click on Tapped Out more than I text. Shame on me, yes. The Simpsons game has pushed me over the edge of obsession. Blame the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! I’ll turn them off one day and find a more practical use for my phone than mindless recreation. But until then, I’ll entertain you every Tuesday with a recent highlight from Tapped Out.

For about two weeks, the bodies of water in Springfield have turned green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. What’s even more refreshing is the introduction of Tom O’Flanagan, a character from 2009’s episode “In the Name of the Grandfather”—aired on March 22nd. He’s one of the most recent characters to be unlocked in the game, along with his Irish pub. Peep another screengrab below.

I’d post a video from the episode, but it’s been taken down from HULU. D’oh!

The Simpsons Tapped Out St. Patrick's Day

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