Rokhsan’s U.S. Debut at Rockwood

rokhsan music rockwood music hall

Singer/Songwriter, Rokhsan went through her entire childhood up to age 16 without listening to pop music. It’s one of the most vibrating details of her bio on Soundcloud. The music she makes though is pop. Very little of it is rooted in the Iranian music her parents played when she was growing up in England and Bahrain.

Rokhsan sounds as happy as the chorus, where she talks about positive things. “You’re the soldier in my life, keep me fighting day and night. You’re the music in my life, make my feet move, move just right.” You either have to be as sullen as Ray (Shoshanna’s boyfriend) on GIRLS to not be moved by the song’s enlightening texture of guitars, kick drums and snares. Over in Russia, she added the sparkle to a TV ad for Orbit chewing gum. Her talent has shown luster in Europe, now she’s headed to New York for her first performance this week at Rockwood Music Hall. Showtime at 8PM, on Stage 2. Listen to her new track “Soldier” below, which also premiered on Artist Direct today.


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