A Pace Rivers Party with Koncept & Co.

The smell of St. Paddy’s Day has me feeling festive. I’ll add Koncept’s video directed by Pace Rivers as the latest reason to turn up up turn the mood. “Malt Disney,” the title track from Koncept and DeeJay Element’s EP takes you home to where Koncept and his crew—Brown Bag Allstars, Sene, and friends—are waving their drinks in the air, amongst other things. Pace Rivers keeps it simple this time around watching the good times roll with a house party as the scene for Koncept’s visual. Oh, speaking of rolling, one of Koncept’s previous videos for “Watch the Sky Fall” re-imagined his reality raps through two ladies who jacked J57’s wheels for a ride. Pace’s imaginative formula and super-slick editing is on steroids especially when he works with director AaronIsNotCool like in videos for Sene, and the rest of BBAS. Get up on his résumé. Cheers Pace.

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