Carmelo Anthony’s Jordans in Denver

the knicks wall carmelo anthony denver nuggets jordan melo sneakers

Every game is pivotal for the Knicks this season. Tonight versus the Denver Nuggets the tension can be cut with a knife as it marks Carmelo Anthony’s return to Denver, Colorado since he left in 2011. The analysis of the state of Melo’s health (knee), and the rest of the team’s challenges (human) will have me pulling out my hair until their next road game. That’s why I decided to focus on Melo’s sneakers over the years in Denver (whew!). I’ve always admired Jordan Brand’s strategy behind Melo since 2003 because they not only bestowed upon him a signature shoe series, but they created player exclusives and other rare colorways for him to model. He truly showed the range of Jordan Brand right next to Michael Jordan himself. In my research, I even read on Wikipedia that Melo’s line was third in sales behind the Air Jordan collection during the time of the release of the XX2. There have been proud moments for Melo’s kicks. Don’t get it twisted though, the M8, M8 Advance, and M9 are the dawn of a new era for Melo as a New York Knick.

Read the full article at The Knicks Wall.

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