Fat Tony’s “Hood Party” off Smart Ass Black Boy

fat-tony-smart-ass-black-boySounds of Blackness.

The way this Tom Cruz beat comes in, you might want to hold onto something, or someone. Fat Tony is back early in 2013 with the first single from Smart Ass Black Boy, entirely produced by Tom Cruz. Tony and Tom had a monster 2012 with their Young One Records mixtape, Double Dragon. Now Tony’s first Young One opus is set for release June 11th. Tom Cruz passed me the album last summer with a bunch of these tracks bolstered by Tony, much different from their last collaboration where Tom pulled double duty on rapping and production.

Fat Tony Young One Records Photo Jessica LehrmanPhoto by Jessica Lehrman

Tony is front and center flexing his art of story telling, this time with a cast of Ronnie, Ricky, Bobby, and Mike (New Edition?) and some random girl as the subjects in his verse. Wait ’til the video drops, hopefully featuring his fellow party animals Despot and Kool A.D. 2013 needs a fresh anthem for your crib. Not saying last year’s “House Party” with Meek Mill and Young Chris was flatter than jungle juice at an AA meeting. But according to Despot’s verse, “Doo Doo Brown” is pumping loud out the speakers. I don’t know why I’m still talking at this point when the third verse gets more graphic than Project X.

Peep the tracklist below.

Fat Tony Smart Ass Black Boy – Young One Records

1. “Smart Ass Black Boy”
2. “Final Destination”
3. “Creepin'” [feat. Stunnaman and Tom Cruz]
4. “BKNY” [feat. Old Money]
5. “I Shine”
6. “Never Let You Go” [feat. Boy/friend]
7. “Hood Party” [feat. Kool A.D. and Despot]
8. “Frenzy” [feat. Tom Cruz]
9. “Father’s Day”
10. “Sleepover” [feat. Shawn Neon]
11. “The More Things Change (The More They Stay The Same)”

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