Throwback Thursday: Nike White Label

Nike White Label Be True Hoodie DJ Treats Trinidad Paige

Nike Sportswear and Nike White Label seem like the same thing. The tagline for Nike Sportswear, “designed for sport, created for life” reminds me of 2005-06, when Nike White Label created products under the same mantra. The brand was carried at select retail shops like Classic Kicks (shuttered). The goods were more premium than their more commercial products like high quality polo shirts, and design-forward T-shirts with screen printed gold foil—before the trend became commonplace.

This week I shook my head in sadness when I had an urge to wear my prized Be True to Your School hoodie by White Label. It’s long lost now; nowhere to be found in my closet. The light-weight shell could fit a couple of thin layers in March without making me look like I was wearing a trash bag. “Be True” was its all-over-print pattern in dark gray, contrasting with the hoodie’s main black color. It was more subtle than the audacious all-over-print that other brands would adopt. Looking back on my old blog, flicks of my homie Paige and Kiel sporting it on different occasions showed how it was admired. I’ll admit, as much as I liked wearing it, seeing Paige rock it seemed just as right. It was like she borrowed my mojo for the night because as you can see, Steve couldn’t keep his hands off her, the hoodie, and her gold chains. If the hoodie had a muse, it was Paige.

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