Drake Salutes NY’s Very Own

Drake Tommy Campos Dice City of GodzOVO

Cot damn, Drizzy gives a proper shoutout to my homies Tommy and Dice in the first 7 seconds of “5AM In Toronto.” It’s not just a big deal for those two young G-O-D’s of N-Y-C to be acknowledged by Drake—shit, they connect whenever Drizzy is in NY or when they link up OT. The rest of the world is catching up to their friendship. If you notice, Drake still feels like the underdog after winning a Grammy and achieving fan fare that new artists are starving for. His rise from the bottom has been monumental to watch. Seeing his whole team, including Dice and Tommy enjoy the fruits of his labor is a sign of Drizzy’s loyalty.

Dice the God as some Downtown New Yorkers know that his Bible Study venture with IMOK had a humble beginning too. Since last summer, Dice has made Thursday nights at 247 Eldridge Street the place to turn it up before the weekend. Can you imagine what tonight will be like when this record gets played? Forget about it. See it for yourself if you’re in NY. Stream “5AM in Toronto” below.

Via The City of Gods

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