Foursquare List: Treated by DJ Treats

Foursquare List Map DJ Treats

What do I have to show for my 13 years deejaying in New York City? Some great stories, respect, and a map covering every venue I’ve played. Through the power of Foursquare I’ve been able to make a list of bars, clubs, and lounges called Treated by DJ Treats. Back in the day, I used to check off places I played at featured in Flyer NYC and Blackbook‘s nightlife publications. BB keeps a pretty good archive on their Web site now; Flyer on the other hand is definitely out of print. Here’s the thing, some of the venues that could have made my list are shuttered. Storied places like APT, Lotus, Lobby, Alphabet Lounge, and Remote Lounge didn’t stand the test of time, like Webster Hall. Actually, when Remote Lounge was erased from their marquis, they also removed the video kiosk stations used to queue up songs for bad karaoke performances. It would be soon known as Bowery Electric. That’s just random trivia. If I were in the business of doing walking tours, I could use Treated by DJ Treats as my guide to anecdotes of a life I lived and still frequent to this day.

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