Quentin Tarantino Speaks for Writers in Oscars Speech

Django Unchained Movie Poster Quentin Tarantino

Last night at the 85th annual Academy Awards Quentin Tarantino won the award for best original screenplay. His speech—as it is being discussed around the interwebs—will be remembered for its humility, crediting the cast for bringing his words to life. Tarantino’s ability to articulate what goes on in his mind and filter it through characters is unparalleled. His efforts have been celebrated before at the Oscars for Pulp Fiction. Tarantino is a poster boy for all who have aspirations of being in the loop of his leather tie.

To hear him shout out writers was flattering, even though he was extremely general about the type. “This will be the writer’s year,” he extolled. He didn’t specify industry, style or medium. It’s a struggle to do what he does. Pining over the written word, to eventually allow yourself to be judged by others for your imagination is part of the challenge. Writing articles like this one takes time regardless of word count, or characters if you’re writing half-way clever things on Twitter to whet the appetite of your followers. Whether or not people like me, or Argo’s Chris Terrio fit the bill of Tarantino’s salute, just know that we were listening. Click below to watch his on-stage and backstage Oscars acceptance speeches.

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