DJ Treats Presents: Cheers Pt. 1


My first mix using the Djay app opened me up to a new world of mixing. For over 10 years, most of my mixes have been true to the tradition of two Technics turntables and a mixer. It’s not like I have been hesitant to embrace technology—I use my laptop, and Serato and get by just fine with that. What’s a DJ to do though when in transit though? Tapping away at the cue points, triggering effects at my fingertips in a recording on my iPhone, why the hell not?! Even though I deviated from my comfort zone of turntable hardware, I wanted the mix to sound thematically like what I’d play when I’m slumped over at a party watching the crowd dance in a belligerent rage. It’s more than just aggressive drinking of alcohol to lower inhibitions. The liquid courage changes the mood; you’re greasing the wheels to a conversation; good and bad decisions get made; there’s a memory in every beat even if you might not remember it the next day. This mix illustrates how it all goes down.

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Cheers Pt. 1 Tracklist

Lil Wyte – “Fucked Up”
Rihanna – “Pour It Up”
Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Future – “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)”
Playa – “Cheers To U”
Electrik Red – “Drink In My Cup”
Fat Tony & Tom Cruz – “Denim Guinness Boys
Odd Future feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis – “Lean”
N.O.R.E. feat. Styles P & Prodigy – “Bottles Go Bang”
Troy Ave feat. Fabolous – “Merlot Pt. 2”
MF Doom – “One Beer”
Mr. MFN eXquire – “Huzzah
Jay-Z – “Puffin’ On Blunts And Drankin’ Tanqueray” Freestyle
The Beatnuts – “Here’s A Drink”
The Alkaholiks fat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Hip Hop Drunkies”
Mobb Deep feat. Q-Tip – “Drink Away the Pain”
N.O.R.E. – “Drink Champ”
Rekstizzy – “Drunk In Public”
Nas – “Drunk By Myself”

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