Models x Waffles Served for NYFW


Last Tuesday, a string of luck led me into the Models x Waffles party at Le Baron in Chinatown. Venus X who posted the flyer on Instagram a few hours before the event stated that the list was closed. Taking a chance at getting in led me to an opportune meeting of the self-proclaimed Princess of New York. After being denied entry because I wasn’t on the guestlist, I used my iPhone’s map to give me directions to 19 Kenmare St. As I looked up, Jazmine Venus Soto walked past me. I introduced myself, after already being more familiar with her by way of Instagram, Tumblr, and another article I wrote. She kindly invited me to enter Le Baron with her friends. That gesture solidified her royalty in my book.

Given that it was a Fashion Week party, I expected models, but not food. Waitresses offered everyone little chicken tenders wedged in between two slices of waffles. The waffles were room temperature, but soft at least. The mini treats were special because it brought back the memory of Bobbito Garcia’s Monday night Waffles & Falafels party in the basement of APT, a shuttered nightclub of the Meatpacking District. As the party carried on, so did the entertainment, provided by Venus X who deejayed for Spyda and Magic whose pole dancing acrobatics had the crowd perplexed. Using the little support of the pole in the middle of the dancefloor, the ladies balanced themselves on each other horizontally. Upon achieving that feat, they proceeded to rock vertically like a see saw. This was impressive. But another act that defied the laws of physics was watching money being thrown into the air, to eventually get stuck in a vent overhead. There are NSFW pictures of this scene, Venus X, plus a shot of Posso a DJ duo that played in the basement of Le Baron that night when you click the link below.


There are rules against any photography in gentlemen’s clubs. However Le Baron does not fall into that category, at least not on paper.


Strippers who defy the law of gravity, and dollar bills that followed their lead.


RIP the great DJ Mehdi


DJ Mustard
wants his snapback, um black.


Exit the void.

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