12 Treats from 2012 in a Yearend Review


One more list to put 2012 in the books. My last two posts were about the music that moved my mind, body and soul, it’s only right to look elsewhere at the memorable people, places and things that made every day worthwhile. Early Christmas morning meant putting together a toy kitchen set with my lady for my son to see when he woke up. The late nights were spent watching post-game highlights and commentary from the MSG Networks team about the Knicks stellar play. I’ll look back at 2012 with a grimace though. Many of the 12 things listed here are all good. There was plenty of heart wrenching losses that words cannot describe. The turbulent times of violence in America and the hurricane in NY are a reason to forget 2012, but remember the lives that were lost. For me, I’ll hold on to these 12 moments forever.

Mass Appeal Radio Lily DJ Treats

Mass Appeal Massive on Radio Lily
Each Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of broadcasting live on RadioLily.com for two hours pretty much anything I wanted. No week was the same. Some nights were more hip-hop heavy, but there was always a presence of dancehall and reggae keeping with the Caribbean theme of the radio station. On some nights, my co-hosts (Hectah, Laura Lechon, and Raj) welcomed special guest DJs like Mess Kid and NIKKO, and artists like Mr. MFN eXquire and Sene & Denita. The last time I held down a radio show was college. To do it again in 2012, I was able to revisit another aspect of deejaying that was very dear to me. The kicker for my summer long experience on the air at Radio Lily was having my show programmed and engineered by the great DJ Max Glazer. I proudly talk about the days I spent studying Max spin as the in-store DJ at Fat Beats NY, and making it to Club Speeed early just so I can hear him open up for Hot 97’s Mister Cee. Big up Lord SHR and Matt Goias for making this happen. It was truly an honor.

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