Bible Study with Dice the God in Retrospect

DJ Treats NYC IMOK Bible Study

Upon entering IMOK, a venue on 247 Eldridge St., DICE THE GOD told me to trap it up all night. He was referring to the soundtrack to the streets: the musical testaments for outlaws or would-be criminals who glorify selling drugs, and of course there is the other group of individuals addicted to the euphoria by doing intoxicants. Strip club anthems that inspire white collar to blue collar hustlers to make it rain, those are always fair game.

The range of genres goes from southern rap, to ’90s hip-hop, to the electronic dance hybrid of the former is what I played during my first outing at the weekly party known as Bible Study. In preparation for the event, I put together a mixtape playing off the theme of religion. It’s a touchy subject, so I kept it simple highlighting moments where G-O-D appears in the title, or where the devil is an inspiration for how fiery of an MC they could be, like Big L’s “Devil’s Son.” Listen to that short compilation. The next one promises to be as spiritual to exercise the demons of trap life. Below is a glimpse of last week’s party. RSVP for this Thursday.


NYC IMOK Bible Study Dice the God DJ Treats

Party Nightlife IMOK NYC Thursday

NYC Party Thursday IMOK

Alife Dice the God City of Godz NYC

Tigga Calore NYC

Dice the God Eldridge IMOK Bible Study

IMOK NYC Bible Study Flyer Party Thursday Nightlife

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