I Can’t Believe It’s Not Shutter: Fortress of Pow Wow

A rambling series of things that caught my eyes.

Feast those peepers on the crib-o I stayed at on the northern shore of Pūpūkea. The Pow Wow board of directors are the hosts with the most that put me up there with a bunch of artists and press. The rich and bold color is known as Red Dirt. No, you won’t find it in your kid’s Crayola box, just on islands like Maui and Oahu. The saturation of lava in the soil dies it that fiery red that you wish you could sprinkle on some French fries, as if it was paprika. Colors like that can make you happy as a clam in the Pacific or even better–cheeky as a Flying Fortress Teddy Bear. Ear to ear son.

After traveling up to an hour back into town from the humble red abode, artist Flying Fortress painted his teddy bear soldiers in the nooks and crannies of Kaka’ako. A garage here, a warehouse wall there, Fortress was building a small army of his characters that could steal the spotlight at Pow Wow. I snapped a bit of his pieces that killed with kindness. POW!!!




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