Video: Blind Benny “No Honor”

If you knew Blind Benny the way I know Blind Benny, you outta know that everything they do gets better with time. The release of “No Honor,” from BB’s forthcoming EP is their watershed moment. Their future is now, and it just shifted into emo-hyperdrive.

I didn’t know that moment would happen today on Valentine’s Day. I could safely say it was imminent when I first heard “Bad Dreams” in 2009. Like “No Honor,” “Bad Dreams” gave me the standard goosebumps that pop up when someone stirs your soul. The question was, how many times over would I experience those rare chills? Too many to count, really. What adds a deeper wrinkle to Blind Benny’s story is the imagery provided by director Gogy Esparaza. It will leave a stain on your brain. Maybe because it looks like it was shot on film, it feels like Jade<3, the band’s frontwoman left a piece of herself behind with the audience. Hold onto it, so that when you look back on today you’ll always remember.

[Via WeAreVane]

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