#WorkInProgress at Brooklyn’s Free Candy

Just me and my dumb luck landing me in the company of DJ greats. Last night’s gig with my homie Sex Factory earned me the opportunity to cover for the world renowned Greg Poole. Next up, this Saturday I’ll be sharing the stage with DJ Getlive! and DJ Goldfinger. Me and Getlive! go back to his party at Bob bar a few years back. But Goldfinger, if you don’t know, was one of the resident deejays that worked at Beat Street (RIP) in Brooklyn. Talk about OG status. He and fellow employee DJ June had the duty of spinning in the store, giving customers a live, free performance. By day, my man DJ Dreamer and I could catch Goldfinger’s unique signature style of cutting and scratching with one finger. By night, Goldfinger manned the upstairs room of Club NV (RIP), while DJ Self was fine-tuning his skills downstairs, before he became the Prince of New York on Power 105.1 FM.

This Saturday, Goldfinger will be on the set, showcasing his skills at a family-friendly fundraiser at Free Candy, a new gallery space in Brooklyn. Hit the jump below for details from Alice in Wonderland, the event’s organizer. See you Saturday!

On February 12th – Getlive! myself and a few other NYC creatives are heading down to Haiti with former Soccer player, Tony Sanneh for a week of cultural youth programming. We will be hosting soccer and dj clinics – teaching kids how to use turntables and play ‘selector’, and also art classes with an orphanage in and around Port-Au-Prince. I will be working with The Haitian Initiative long term, orchestrating cultural missions to Haiti this year as well as programming. During this trip, Tony will announce his plans to build a soccer training facility as well as a Boys and Girls club in Port-Au-Prince. This is exciting for me on a multitude of levels.

Btw, #WORKINPROGRESS is a fundraising event series that I will be producing this year, in various cities exhibiting content we will shoot in Haiti so stay tuned! 🙂

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