Got It Twisted: Gangrene’s Vodka & Ayahuasca

You could’ve had a V8. But you don’t really want V8. You want V&A, better known as Vodka and Ayahuasca. Hey Jackie Chan, this-shit-right-here?! Sha-boom!

Tuesday V&A hit the streets and you were welcome to break the seal on the audio/visual manifestation of the potent elixir. Vodka & Ayahuasca is the latest project from Gangrene, who is the triumvirate of The Alchemist, Oh No and Jason Goldwatch. Their sophomore album on Decon Records is 15 tracks (on iTunes) of a mind trip into a realm more twisted than The Twilight Zone. Read more about V&A on Through talking to director Jason Goldwatch about the concept of the album, there were some valid points that were left on the cutting room floor. MESSAGE!

“Goldwach is a force of nature. He is an anomaly. Seldom seen. More of an urbanian legend than an actual human. He is the Sasquatch of visual entertainment. They edited it out of the current published versions of holy scripture but if you examine the original parchments with a examining glass, on that fateful 7th day just after God proclaimed “let there be light” he said, and I quote” y’all are gonna love this shit….and now, for my final miracle let there be….GOLDWACH!”. But everybody was still tripping off the invention of light.”

– The Alchemist

“I grew up, not for nothing, banging my head to some 2 Live Crew based on the fly music they were making; sort of like middle fingers to the world too. Like “Me So Horny,” that shit is from a movie I love. Full Metal Jacket was a serious drive to change our consciousness as a film. And here comes this black dude from Florida with like big butts and I’m some white kid from California, but he’s sampling a movie. It was real, official, conscious changing shit. That shit fucked me up. It fucked up a lot of people’s mind about what that whole war was, or what war is. It’s just crazy! For them to take that and flip that into a hip-hop beat that was enjoyable. It was amazing for me. I was like damn, they took the most horrific thing that I’ve ever seen as a conscious person and turn it into hip-hop music. It was laughable! The worst situation you could imagine becomes laughable.”

– Jason Goldwatch

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