Beetle-Muse: Keaton to Ledger


This might be a good look for me.”

Someone posted this in my Facebook timeline. Heath Ledger’s Joker was well played, but even in the afterlife, his character has spawned some great photoshopped portrayals. RIP.

What’s funny is that Michael Keaton started his career as a stand-up comic. He had great timing and could do impressions with the best of ’em, as he did in ’89 when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Keaton could have probably gotten into character as Joker if Tim Burton called for it. There’s no doubt that Jack Nicholson set the bar for Joker at the time, and to out do him seemed like a feat until Ledger peeled away an unseen layer to this great villain. So over 20 years later, to think Michael Keaton could have filled Joker’s clown shoes is very much a possibility, at least if you let Photoshop do the magic.

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