Tennis Anyone? Common vs. Drake

Red clay. Props to egotripland.

Drake and Common need to play a few matches of tennis. After that, they can put their issues behind them. Through their mission to out do each other, both MC’s have shown the type of lyrical sparring that feeds the public’s appetite for confrontation like boxing. As we’ve learned through hip-hop history, a full contact sport like boxing parallels rap the most because rhymes can hurt one’s pride the same way someone with nice hand skills can pack a punch. Take Jay-Z and Nas for example, back when they were in the midst of trading diss records, Jay proposed the idea of a televised boxing match on Pay-Per-View. The idea never went past his comments in a Hot 97 interview with Angie Martinez (whew!). Cooler heads prevailed, giving way to future collaborations between the two legends.

But as far as back and forth games go, Common and Drake’s war of words has closer ties to tennis and even basketball than fisticuffs. Start with their mutual affection for Grand Slam champ Serena Williams, who Common dated in 2008 and Drake claimed to love and care for in his in 2011 interview with Complex. Besides their obvious connection to the tennis world, their similarities have set Drizzy and Com on a speeding path towards each other, way before Serena came into the picture. Reading into the true nature of their competition might be making a mountain out of a molehill. I couldn’t help it though. I opened up a tennis glossary and the listed terms snowballed into this weird point-counterpoint look at their situation.

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