50 Years of Ricky Powell aka The Doloist

Ricky Powell‘s photography is constantly writing history and passing it down at the same damn time. Don’t let tweeting events in real time usurp hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Nay-ver that, doggie. Outside of that one tweet that might ripple into a micro wave of retweets, talking about the memories people have of each other is just natural behavior, unfettered from the use of technology. I imagine the guests, young and old at Ricky Powell’s Milk Studios exhibit opened up the floodgates of tales about the figures shot by like-minded photographers Angela Boatwright, Mel D. Cole and Joe Conzo. If you were in the house (I wasn’t…boo!), all you had to do was just listen. It’s commonplace to have the elders school the youth at these events. They know whatever it is that’s poppin’ for you right now is cool, but they made it popular, ya dig?! I imagine someone set the scene of the train zipping past subway writer legend, GHOST—a story more gripping than one about drawing on dirty car windows (“wash me”). My good friend Ingrid is one of those keen listeners who managed to soak up a gang of knowledge and flicks from the Rickster’s All-Star Classic. Peep Customfad for her recap.

Stream or download The Funky Uncle’s Park Bench Mixtape by DJ Smoke L.E.S. The folks at lifestyle agency TheGoodLife! helped put together the one-track sizzler of jazz and funk to celebrate the 50 years of Ricky Powell aka The Doloist putting it down… it meaning iconic visuals that will be here forever (KRS-ONE voice).

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