Perfect Timing: Timeless Truth

Times up!

In 2011 2012, Timeless Truth is on my personal list of favorite emcees. I’ve been bumping their work since last year, when I first met Superbad Solace, one-half of the group. The rap game needs Timeless Truth because of what they represent: Dominican, blood brothers, repping Flushing and Corona Queens. Bong! Part of what also makes them special is their honor to a lineage of New York rap that traverses the Beatnuts (Latinos from Corona and Jackson Heights) to Brooklyn legend, Thirstin Howl III. Really, the honor is all mine knowing rappers as skilled as they are, keeping it thorough as other Q-borough acts like Action Bronson, Rekstizzy and Das Racist.

Polo is an afterthought when listening to Timeless Truth. It’s not because hunting down Ralph Lauren threads isn’t my bag anymore. Timeless doesn’t just let their uniform dominate their lyrics. Especially now, when a rapper’s attire can take dictate their popularity—which is sad really—you eventually have to show and prove.

Timeless is a dynamic pair that compliment each other: Solace is the young, laid back knowledge spitter, while Oprime39 is the elder, more aggressive voice of reason. On “Leave It Alone”, produced by Roc Marciano, Solace flosses more than his wears: Giving my Asian mami spare C-notes for origamis. “True Grit”, another Roc Marciano production is where Oprime39 consistently comes off with darts like, Timeless no room for you to chime in. Blind winds make your mind spin fucking with sciences: Niacin, Leviathan. No heavy traces of Polo references. Their visual to “Memorex Massacre” shows them dipped in RL, so their style speaks for itself.

This week was Timeless Tuesday, the day their new EP, Brugal & Presidentes dropped. Solace and Oprime39 bring another type of flavor to the rap lexicon by naming their album after a powerful rum and pilsner fancied by Dominicans. Sample Brugal & Presidentes, in a glass or on iTunes, or do both at the same time. They might change your life.

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