Viva Nico and Morrissey

Own this Femme Fatale

T-shirts might fade over time, but a silk-screen print of Nico (Christa Päffgen) is built to last. The Velvet Underground’s singer, immortalized on the above T-shirt was recently worn (in white) by Morrissey’s band this Tuesday on Conan. She looks pensive and subdued in the graphic, which was the best way to describe the feeling of watching Moz take late night TV with a performance of his new song, “People Are The Same Everywhere.”

Morrissey wears his appreciation for The Velvet Underground pretty close to the chest like his V-neck sweaters. Last year, Moz listed his 13 favorite albums, which included two Velvet Underground LPs (White Light/White Heat and The Velvet Underground & Nico) and Nico’s solo record Chelsea Girl. As a model and singer, she could waltz into your lobes whisking you away into bliss, which is akin to the effect of Morrissey’s poetry. Aside from their palatable sound linking them, these two icons are vegetarians. A-alike, B-alike. I imagine there’s a small nation of Nico tattoos out there like the ones sported by Smiths and Morrissey super fans. Lou Reed’s got some mass appeal too. His portrait for Supreme lined cities between New York City, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo carrying on the legacy of The Velvet Underground. Video of Moz on Conan after the jump.


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