Snapshot: Re-introducing Jamil Gs

Jamil Gs has really good looking subjects. I say that objectively about the women and men he’s photographed. Like his contemporaries Terry Richardson and Kenneth Cappello, Jamil Gs also shoots icons of celebrity (Diddy, Paz de la Huerta, RZA), buxom models and tropical landscapes, but he reaches a new plateau of their beauty. When you think you have a clear image of their standout features, he’ll go into his bag of tricks of light and shadow to peel away their unforeseen layer.

When Jamil Gs redesigned his website this year, it was my point of business to blog about it. I’ve shadowed his work back when I was at Complex HQ ogling his calendar (daily) which hung in the mag’s photo studio. Another one of his earlier works that stood out was of Gloria Velez posing her culo for KING magazine. I peeped the portrait of “Miss Big Pimpin‘” hanging above a gallery doorway in Miami. Imagine seeing that image every time you exited during a long weekend in MIA—your nights would be as bright as day.

I gotta give props to Jamil Gs. I have a little personal connection to his muses: Jamaica, which is my family’s homeland and the cover for Sounding Out The City by my high school buds at Truth & Soul Records. If you’ve never been to a place like Jamaica or Ipanema Beach in Rio, Jamil Gs will take you there. Get your one-way ticket to paradise by clicking here.

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