Exquomania at Webster Hall

eXquire bumaye!

I just want to say Mr. MFN eXquire would still be my favorite rapper right now, even if he was from Albuquerque. But because he reps Brooklyn (HARD), I am biased as a mu’fucka. It all goes back to this summer when my homie Dart Parker booked a show for the KnuX, where eXquire was the opening act. I didn’t know what to expect. About two weeks earlier, Dart told me about eXquire being on the bill, so I just went ahead and did my research on him.

Much to my surprise, I was actually put on to eXquire from watching a freestyle segment on MTV’s Sucker Free Countdown. Whatever I was doing at the time when he bum-rushed the show, I dropped everything I was doing. Behind about 80% of his bleeped out raps, he let his charisma go to work. I was caught between excitement and fear. He was blocking out the train’s movement and the one lonely straphanger, so he could give his undivided attention the camera. It was his moment–probably under 60 seconds–but he stormed into it like a robbery. And like a stickup, I just had to respect the jux.

Fast forward to the show at Webster Hall’s basement. I expected a longer set, as did eXquire and co. Things didn’t go according to plan from what I understood was due to scheduling conflicts. But behind-the-scenes there were some other issues the venue raised that lead to Mr. MFN eXquire starting the show like this (paraphrasing):

eXquire: Everybody come close to the stage. Don’t worry I won’t bite. Look at my teeth! Look at my mouth! Does it look like there is a dick in it? [awkward silence] So then why is Webster Hall dicking me around?!

[cue music]

That’s as close as I remember it from where I stood on-stage. After eXquire plowed through “Huzzah,” “Michael Dudikoff” and “Firemarshall Bill,” I kept deejaying, keeping the raucous mood left by eXquire. My set was a nod to The L.O.X., 50 Cent, and B.I.G. Damn, looking back I really wished I played “Lullaby” by Fabolous (prod. by The Alchemist, scratches by Just Blaze). As far as playlists go, it fits right in with “Long Kiss Goodnight,” and 50’s version of Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts.” Pardon the digression. It was just that kind of night where despite the bullshit, the underdog was still on top. I recently came across some footage from the show. It’s really just used as b-roll for a great interview with Crown Heights’ own. Regardless, the video helps with my back story about working with an amazing talent.

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