Blunt Fang is True, Blood

I talked to Blunt Fang last night about how an identity crisis can ruin rap music. To put our thought in a nutshell, the great prospect about new rappers is their sense of self. Yeah, it’s cool to have influences that connect people to other like-minded artists who may talk about skateboarding or flipping money from narcotics. This way of creating perspective between new jacks and old heads is kind of a mental exercise that nerds do to flex their musical I.Q. But there are cases when originality should stand out more than anything else, like wearing Timb boots to a wedding. In this case you’re making vows to your significant other, in the presence of G-O-D but YOUR attire says you are making this sound commitment on YOUR terms. Confidence! Blunt Fang’s got it, with personality to match.

I like how Blunt Fang is rocking right now. He’s playing to his own strengths. His knowledge, picked up from reading Marvel comics and facts on world history’s figures are recurring themes in his lyrics. He makes an intelligent collage of subjects that calls for listeners with a curious taste for Pat Benatar or the Cranberries. If Negashi Armada were a graffiti artist, he’d write wild style—complex, yet understandable to the trained eye.

Before Blunt Fang, Negashi Armada, Tom Cruz and King Sam as an Atlanta-based group named Supreeme, usurped how open-minded rap could be in the mid 2000s—non-gangster, but honest about raising hell on beaches or wooing non-American college girls like they were living their own James Bond dynasty. What Negashi spit during the Supreeme days was as warped then as it is now as a solo artist. If he didn’t make sense or these ideas just came on a whim, then he probably wouldn’t be able to explain their meaning. Blunt Fang knows. Credit is due to guys like Blunt Fang for not being ashamed of how smart he is. It’s not his plan to flex on the other man for not knowing something; he’s just speaking for himself. Forget the conventional methods of rhyming to beats that are cookie cut from your favorite rap era. Nah, Negashi’s fang bangers draw new blood. Maybe you can learn something. I’ll be looking to break down more of our conversation at a later date, including Negashi’s complete commentary. You’ll have to wait on that though. For now, peep Blunt Fang’s latest eye-jammies.

BLUNT FANG feat. Fat Tony “Lesbianic Blunt”

BLUNT FANG “Kemetic/Egyptian PSA”

BLUNT FANG “Tut’s Death Mask (Anime Opening Theme)”

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