Julien & Claire Hearts Paris

Romanticizing Paris seems like 2011’s “in” thing. I’ll go as far back as June, when Woody Allen set his most recent film in the north of France, where Owen Wilson was enamored by the literary inspiration that dawned on him during Midnight In Paris. Then of course, Jay-Z showed us that this region of Europe is where he could let it all hang out (pause) when he scoffed, “If you escaped what I escaped, you’d be in Paris getting fucked up too.” Meanwhile it’s the most appropriate place to debut a women’s clothing collection, as Kanye West did with his new line, Dw. Oui. It’s a celebration bitches, and the new indie flick Julien & Claire throws its arms around Paris, and plants two juicy ones on its cheeks. The romantic story follows the relationship between an American dancer and a French musician, both at a crossroads with a fading passion for their respective art. The film’s teaser captures the picturesque landscape of Paris set to a soundtrack luring you into the emotion written on the cast’s faces. Aside, the romance shared between these two crazy kids is a throwback to 2004’s Before Sunset, also shot on location in Paris. Watch the trailer, it’ll really get you going.

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