The Purpose of Seoul Music

The art of digging for records is never fully mastered. Just when you think you’ve covered all of the essential records hip-hop has borrowed from, you’ve barely scratched the surface (sucker DJs). The Far East—Korea—Seoul, if you wanna get all geo-targetty, is as musically rich as the samples taken from the western world’s golden eras like disco and Motown.

My man Jaeki Cho brought DJ Soulscape to New York, saving us a trip around the world to hear the rarest of rare vinyl gems. VON bar on one night, Turntable Lab on another, served as pulpits to drop knowledge on the 60s and 70s renaissance of rock, jazz and boogaloo. Growing up as a product of the vinyl era of deejaying, I was born again listening to Soulscape’s sets. They reminded me of the first time I heard DJ Riz compile classics like Chic’s “Chic Cheer” and Kool & The Gang’s “Soul Vibrations” on the “Live From Brooklyn Mix.” I copped the record, then loaned it to DJ Dreamer who probably still has it to this day! Oh, speaking of Chic, look out at the 28:32 mark where Soulscape drops a beautiful Korean rendition of it. So without further adieu, 이들은 휴식 아르.

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