Batman: Year One Earns Its PG-13 Rating

Year of the Bat.

There’s only one more Batman movie left for Christopher Nolan to direct—BOO! Chill fanboys and girls. In recent years, while the Dark Knight has become the DC Universe’s cash cow at the box office, raking in ba-jillions collectively between Nolan’s first and second opus, DC’s animated Bat flicks are also keeping the franchise fresher than Bruce Wayne’s bed linens. Alfred Pennyworth holla!!! Last week, Batman: Year One was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, pushing the envelope way further than Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) or Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010). Leave it to Year One‘s story, developed by Frank Miller to raise the risqué factor. Characters like Catwoman and Bruce Wayne evoke more sexuality, and are more vulnerable, ultimately making them human-like despite being ‘toons. Read more below to see shots of Wayne, Selina Kyle, and their alter egos as you’ve probably never seen them before. POW!

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