World Piecebook at Red Bull Space

Photo by Sophia Chang

The summer of 2011 in New York City was enough to make you faint from exhaustion. The time harkened back to the days when not only steam and carbon monoxide thickened the air outside, but anywhere you walked, fumes from aerosol cans colored your lungs ROYGBIV. Inside NY’s Red Bull Space this past July, Sacha Jenkins SHR and David “Chino” Villorente gathered famed writers from the art world to celebrate their work in the new World Piecebook. I was there to deejay alongside the legendary grand-imperial Prince Paul. This was our second time spinning (props to DJ Soul and D-Nice) at the same event since last year’s gallery opening in support of the crisis in Haiti.

With the spotlight on graffiti that night, SHR announced the forthcoming re-launch of your favorite writer’s magazine, Mass Appeal—yours truly will be at the helm. Temperature’s rising kids. The streets are still burning from tags by Sen 2 (Puerto Rico) and Pez (Barcelona). Mass Appeal is an institution to lifestyle journalism tapping into urban centers worldwide. When you stay participating at their level you’ll work up a sweat that will leave you stinking of success, not from sitting behind a desk. Peep the graphics after the jump.

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