Miller vs. Miller at Benrimon Contemporary, NYC

Many artists display their work in Chelsea, causing 24th Street to be flooded with people. Yesterday was one of those special summer nights at Benrimon Contemporary art gallery that bridged past and present with paintings by Nachume Miller and my good friend Danny Miller. The opening reception welcomed friends, family and new fans of the Miller legacy. You too can see their subconscious vision of color and abstract imagery come to life through July 16th.

Excerpt from the Benrimon press release:

“Benrimon Contemporary is pleased to present Nachume Miller vs. Danny Miller, a father and son exhibition exploring the patriarchal influence and subsequent modernization of Nachume Miller’s legacy through his son, Danny.”

Check out Danny’s brand identity work by his company The Bear Cave and his other paintings and photography on his personal Tumblr, Steak N Shrimp (as seen on I’m a little partial to one little critter, also on his Tumblr—this guy.

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