Throwback: 7 Weeks of XXLmag Blogs

I like to think I keep track of all of my clippings, in my Published Work section. Apparently I don’t. There’s a bunch of stuff missing like my short stint as a columnist for I’m baffled at how I left this out. It’s not like having your own column for XXL is small potatoes.

In 2006 when I started, Elliot Wilson was at the helm of rap journalism as Editor-in-Chief of XXL also leaving jewels of editorials on the magazine’s virtual identity. Also editing my half-baked articles was my homie Bfred (Yoda of the Internet). I had all the pieces in place to write my weekly commentary on videos that I felt could be deconstructed scene-by-scene like Lil Wayne and Birdman’s visual for “Leather So Soft”. There wasn’t really a lot of authorities on music videos, at least not online. I figured I could bring my at-home rants about music videos to a reputable site like XXL‘s to keep the computers-‘putin, since they racked up views for other columnists like Bol. So I was no Bol, but I figured I could at least be a little snarky about rap songs I felt would get videophiles excited. Below I collected the 7 links from one of my short side jobs.

*Shoutout to YN and Bfred for giving me one of my first shots at firing shots. Ha!

Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin

Abolotion and Promotional CDs

Life After Death

Prodigy is Not Suicidal

Stay Tooned

Lil Wayne is Soft Like Butter in the Sun

Rap Friendships Don’t Mean Much

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