To the Nines: Ashley Stewart

A woman walks into a room… I promise this doesn’t end like a bad joke, trust. So where does your attention land? Two answers hot shot: wherever she might have spent the most time pampering, or wherever your animal instincts have been conditioned to wag. Hair and make-up arguably require the most attention to detail. What else could she be readying, while you wait, even when she seems dressed to the nines? ; ) I can credit Ms. Ashley Stewart for specializing in this field of beautification. The Brooklyn-based hair stylist is a certified cosmetologist, practicing her art professionally at Lasio Studios in New York City’s East Village. In this edition of my To the Nines profile, Ashley Stewart (no relation to the brand known for “sizes to compliment every curve“) shares her thoughts on the popular Brazilian Keratin treatment, her favorite cosmetics brand and more.

Name: Ashley Stewart aka Chinkey Chyna

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Cosmetologist

Store that knows you by name: M.A.C

What celebrity needs a touch-up for HD?

Lindsay Lohan. I love her freckles but sometimes they appear a little blotchy on HD cameras.

3 grooming products you recommend for men

The Gillette after shave gel, Bath and Body Works for men & Axe body spray.

Who is your favorite celebrity spokeswoman for beauty products?

I would have to say Rhianna. Her silky complexion and eyes are amazing.

Explain the purpose of Brazilian Keratin (aka Brazilian Blowout).

The Brazilian Keratin Straighter is actually one of the few products that I must say really works for all hair types. It adds immediate shine and eliminates all the frizz in your hair. I would recommend it for women that want to reduce the time of the hair styling process—it really cuts it in half.

Favorite cosmetics brand: M.A.C, Makeup Forever, Iman and Inglot Cosmetics.

What song do you think isn’t on Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod?

Random guess… Probably Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for Life” lol.

When is too much make-up considered “too much”?

When you scratch your skin and you literally have a pile of makeup underneath your nails… #Yuck

Most eccentric hairstyle you’ve created (for guy or girl)

A big fishtail braid. It was very couture and chic. (*I don’t have a pic of this style at the moment*)

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