Infamous Minded: Vertigo Style

*papp papp*

UPDATE: In lieu of Prodigy’s long-awaited return from an up-north trip, it’s time to remember why rapper P has always been at the top of the food chain.

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg also dedicated this one-track mix of Mobb Deep classics and rarities. Download it here. (NahRight)

The Infamous vault revealed some bangers from Mobb Deep, The Alchemist and Big Twins. What’s even better is how the cover mirrored Vertigo’s Human Target comic that was based on the *Fox TV series. Infamous Minded came out earlier this year, and no one got mad at the reworking of Edwin Biukovic‘s original. Download the mixtape here. By the way, free P welcome home P.

*Footnote: Human Target tried to make a comeback in 2010, after a failed attempt in 1992. With Mark Valley reprising the lead last year, the sitcom only lasted two seasons. 1992 and 2010’s reboot are must-see-TV-worthy though. Look out for Jackie Earle Haley (b.k.a Rorschach).



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