To the Nines: NiRE

MOB deep.

Love is in the air. Breathe it in—it smells like New York in 1985 according to NiRE and Jasmine Solano turning the clock back on Latin Freestyle. My V-day tape needs its female counterpart. Enter this collab with two DJs I adore. Feel the love yet? Wait for it… NiRE chimes in for the ongoing To the Nines column just in time for Fashion Week. Take it all in after the jump.

name: NiRE

occupation: Producer & DJ

location: NYC

favorite brand:
I def don’t have one. The high end designers/stores that I like have some sort of street aesthetic like Opening Ceremony. I don’t like frilly boring clothes, I do love bold rich colors and patterns but I also do appreciate simplicity, it’s about balance. I buy a lot of vintage, I’m super thrifty with clothes I always find items that look way more expensive then they are. And of course I fux with MOB!

standard shopping attire:
LEGGINGS! Things that you can slip on and off easily.

name the last thing you bought “vintage.”
This Woolrich bomber with leather sleeves and woven native print vest.

what song do you think isn’t on Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod?
Mobb Deep “Give Up the Goods”

if you customized a piece from your dj/production equipment, what would it look like?
Wow don’t get me started… Um I’d do like a treehouse with all my DJ & production equipment tucked in like Justice’s stage setup but made of all organic material… and a slide that drops out to a hot tub. Worrrrd.

what’s the first thing you notice on a guy? Their energy

what’s the first thing you want a guy to notice on you? My knees!

advice for a pija (def: term to describe a rich kind of spanish girl with expensive yet poor taste)
Hire me as a personal shopper! I’ll hook you up boo!

what movie best describes your fashion sense:
Hmmm I love Alabama in True Romance, Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. I def don’t always dress like that, but when I DJ you will see some of that sassy fun-ness splashed in! I’m also really into comfort and boys clothes. I like to mix everything up!


Two of Hearts Mixtape by NiRE and Jasmine Solano

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