The Brooklyn Artist Project by IHMDJ!

Hate the players, not the game.

We’ll probably be trying to define what it means to be a DJ as long as there’s music to be played. Both sides make good arguments: some purists pride deejaying on the foundation of turntables, while there is opposition against those fundamental tools in favor of just pressing play on laptops or iPods. Go on and debate, but Mr. Day Job, the designer behind the Special Place tee in the new I Hate My Day Job! collection has sentenced the not-so-skilled music “specialists” to satan’s crotch. Shirts like this one from IHMDJ!’s Brooklyn Artist Project are in limited quantity and will be distributed at their launch party to be announced. Hit the jump to read Mr. Day Job’s bio.

“Hailing from Atlanta, now residing in Bedstuy, Brooklyn — I’m a fixed gear bike enthusiast, track bike designer & builder, and avid whisky connoisseur. My career is business consulting for a large firm at present (fuck them BTW). I started IHMDJ! (I Hate My Day Job!) as an outlet; I never thought of it as a brand or a business as much as just an outlet for me to express myself. IHMDJ! was actually born of the frustrations I had from being a creative individual in such a rigid, structured, and formal environment in which true creativity was not really cultured or valued. Now here I am, almost 5 years later, still making sacrifices to keep it going… and for no other reason than I just genuinely enjoy the shit out of it and have a love for the art.”

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