Letter from Morrissey: On David Cameron and the Hunting Act

Shots fired.

Morrissey speaks up for wildlife (he rightfully refers to as “freelife”) in a message posted on his online zine, True To You. Thanks to PAUL for making me wise to Moz’s cause. Read an excerpt from Morrissey below.

“The countryside, quite remarkably, does not need the Hunting Act to be repealed. You would need to be mindless to believe that it does. People who hunt are under delusions of possession and property and divine right, and their debasement of human standards is always evident in their outrage at ever being questioned about their activities. Meanwhile, the Hunt Saboteurs (who are always termed ‘extremists’ by the Daily Bra – as if opposing brutal killing is an extreme emotion) are themselves symbols of freedom. Hunt Saboteurs do not kill. High Court judges on horseback, dressed in blood-red outfits, are the ones who kill.”

To quote Moz again, “Whispering may hurt you, but the printed word might kill you.”

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