Download: RICHARD Mix by DJ Treats

This Thanksgiving week, colors everywhere with no mention of rainbows. With the weather feeling like spring today, who needs layers of black and grey when the more rich hues are back in rotation, for now at least. I’m also starting to think that the wizards of rap have something to do with this phantom fall season. Kanye West (Red), Nicki Minaj (Pink), Curren$y (Green), Lloyd Banks (Green), Gangrene (Green…Sludge) all have albums out on shelves today representing a pallette of rich tones that are out of the ordinary for what’s forecaststed for the pale and chilly months ahead. If you look closer at the feathers of a Wild Turkey, my observation goes deeper than rap. The males go through color phases where they’ll flash either red, black, or grey tail feathers when attracting a mate. Yes, flash, sans the shady trenchcoat steez. Throwing my name into the mix is also an appropriate way to cap off this random connection of sight and sound. The lead image above was sent to me from PAUL who visited Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, so I decided to use this portrait of my name as a placeholder for the cover of this 11 song compilation. That thing they say about vanity, yes, it kills. But you know what else can kill, the amount of colorful language that litters this tape. Just be happy I didn’t make the title “Dick.” Hit the jump for tracklist and download link.

1. Kelis – “Wait (Whisper Song)”
2. N.E.R.D – “Hypnotize U”
3. Jay-Z – “Venus vs. Mars”
4. Cam’Ron (featuring Vado) – “We All Up In Here”
5. Fabolous – “You Be Killin’ Em”
6. Kanye West (featuring Keri Hilson, Pusha T, CyHi the Prince) – “Take One for the Team”
7. Tom Cruz – “Alright, OK (Saw U At The BBQ)” (Tom Cruz Remix)
8. Sizzla – “Haffi Get It (Nah Rape)”
9. Tennille – “Skeeeooo”
10. Spank Rock and Benny Blanco a.k.a. Bangers and Cash (featuring Santogold and Illivia) – “B-O-O-T-A-Y”
11. Lil Jon (featuring Pleasure P) – “Like A Stripper”

Click here to download RICHARD.

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