Crash Course: Sene and theClubhouse are Recess

Recession is such a dirty word to me. I find the best way to take out the sting is to break it up into syllables by subtracting the -ion and and you have re-cess. I once learned the joys of grammar when I was eating all my meals with my hands. In the past year, I’ve rediscovered what it means to do what you enjoy by watching Pace Rivers and Andrew Thomas put in work as the two-headed musical braintrust of theClubhouse. Or is it play? Being that they are living the life of artists in a Victorian mansion creating a patchwork of jazz-inspired beats and homemade paintings, they’ve truly hit the reset button on arts and crafts time commonly in Head Start programs, instead for young Brooklyn creative professionals. Spending the summer shadowing their invasion on the borough’s indie-rap scene was one of the most fulfilling musical discoveries I’ve had to date. They’re friends I spent my weekends with, watching the World Cup 2010; their picturesque house takes me back to my old neighborhood, within walking distance of the Flatbush apartment building I grew up in; then we get sentimental about the synergy between backpack rappers in the ’90s which is having a resurrection of sorts in their hot streak of production credits for Homeboy Sandman and Donwill of Tanya Morgan. To get you up to speed on theClubhouse, I’ve racked up a few links to follow their recent timeline of success. And this is just the beginning…

The Clubhouse On Producing Theophilus London’s “Life of a Lover” [LINK]

Sene and The Clubhouse, “Dance Pants” [LINK]

Recess (Sene and theClubhouse), “Escalators” [LINK]

The FADER: Issue 70 NWSPRNT The Clubhouse [LINK]

Special thanks to  Nikki

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